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Come be a part of a growing movement. 

We have a dynamic  set of Child Development Associate (CDA) classes that includes an additional mentoring component and tutoring services for teachers and family home child care providers.  These classes are a necessary component for earning a CDA Credential from the Council for Professional Recognition (AKA CDA Council).

We are currently offering trainings via Zoom classes. 

We keep our classes small; 1 trainer for every 12 students! The cost of the CDA Program includes all portfolio supplies and all CDA textbooks.  Classes taught by experienced trainers who mentor you every step of the way!!! You won't find this kind of attention anywhere else. Connect with us to learn more!

CDA Mission Statement

Origins Learning Community is dedicated to mentoring, tutoring, and educating early childhood teachers wanting to earn their CDA credential. We believe, when teachers understand how to use basic developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom, they can do an even better job of supporting children's social and emotional development. 

We are passionate about supporting ESL teachers and teachers with disabilities in any way we can.

Earning your 120 specialty clock hours through our CDA Program is only one step to earning a CDA Credential. 

In order to earn your CDA, you must be working in a classroom with the age group you are seeking certification in.

 If you are currently looking for a job in an infant, a toddler, or a preschool classroom, reach out to us for support. 

We are here to help.

Origins Learning Community has applied to become a partner with the CDA Council. Wish us luck! Learn more about the CDA Council's CDA Credential at 

NOW ENROLLING for CDA Classes Beginning January 2021!

Check out our EVENTS page with details on this great opportunity! Come back to this page to fill out an application to join!

CDA Course- General Overview

     Here is a general overview of the CDA Course Content. Trainers cover all of the course content fully while helping you where you need the most support through mentoring. Mentoring includes tutoring on homework assignments and classroom coaching. The mentoring component is an important part of our CDA program. 

     We feel so strongly about it that it is not optional. All students enrolled in the program must participate in all of the classes and the mentoring sessions. This is your opportunity to not just train but transform your teaching practices for the better. Be the teacher you have always wanted to be!

     If you like the Course Content overview, scroll down to find an application to our CDA Program and begin your journey with us.

Course 1

Welcome to Your CDA-  Get to know your fellow classmates, CDA mentors and learning materials.

Course 2

Safety and Supervision of Young Children- Learn how to create safe learning environments for young children according to state laws. Discover fun ways to model safety for and teach safety to the children.

Course 3

Health, Wellness and Nutrition of Young Children- Learn about state laws for keeping children healthy, fun ways to educate children about health and nutrition and modeling healthy behavior with young children.

Course 4

Creating Beautiful Learning Environments for Young Children- Learn how to create beautiful, inclusive and educational play-based learning environments for young children. Discover dynamic ways to connect with the children and bring their learning to the next level.

Course 5

The Physical and Adaptive Domains- Learn about important milestones in young children's physical and adaptive development and how to best support those milestones. Be prepared to move and groove!

Course 6

The Cognitive Domain- Focusing on sensory, science, mathematics and technology, learn about creating dynamic learning centers that will motivate young children to want to learn critical thinking skills and strengthen their executive functions. 

Course 7

Creative- Focusing on art, dramatic play and block activities, learn why allowing children to use their imagination, experiment, and create their own open-ended art supports emotion regulation skills, positive self-esteem and cognitive development skills. Be prepared to have fun and get messy!

Course 8

Communication- Learn how language/literacy activities can be woven throughout all areas of curriculum all day long, giving children opportunities to reach important milestones while building their self-confidence. Come up with new ideas for creating beautiful literacy centers in your classroom.

Course 9

The Child's Sense of Self- Discover how you can help young children feel emotionally safe, practice managing their emotions, and build positive self-esteem by honoring their family home culture, individuality, and celebrating their strengths.

Course 10

Social Life of the Child- Just as we are responsible for supporting children's cognitive, language and physical development, we must guide them on how to interact with others in the classroom environment. Learn important teaching practices and curriculum activities for helping young children reach social milestones throughout the school-day.

Course 11

Guidance Practices- With our help children can learn how to solve social problems and work alongside others in a diverse and inclusive world. Learn teaching strategies for creating peaceful, joyful classrooms where problems and mistakes are seen as learning opportunities and children are guided by love and patience. 

Course 12

Partnering with Families- Partnering with families is vital to children's positive self-esteem, ability to control their emotions, and learn academic skills. Discover ways to connect and communicate with families. 

Course 13

Classroom Program Management- Throughout the course you have learned about managing a classroom program and using observation tools to support children's learning, Now we will pull it all together, adding the final few pieces of the classroom management puzzle. Decide which observation tools are right for you. Fine tune your program management skills for a harmonious, well-run classroom or home.

Course 14

Defining Professionalism- Throughout the course we have explored the culture of early childhood education and what it means to be a professional in the field. Learn how you can advocate for young children, families and the ECE profession. Define yourself as the awesome professional you are.  

Course 15

Your Journey Continues: Celebrating Your Accomplishments and Moving Forward!- Celebrate your accomplishments so far and learn about the next steps on your CDA journey. 

Application to Apply for the CDA Program

If you wish to enroll in the CDA Program, please fill out the application below and push submit. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 281-703-2539.

Are you a citizen of the United States?*
If you are not a U.S. citizen, are you authorized to work in the United States?*
Are you over the age of 16?*
Do you have a high school diploma or a General Education Development diploma (GED)?*
Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*
Please choose the CDA you would like to be certified in. You can only choose one. You must be working with the age group of children and setting you are getting certified in. *
Are you currently employed at a child care center or school that enrolls children 0 to 5 years of age? If so, please provide us with the school's contact information, listed below. If you are not working in a childcare center or school serving these ages, please answer the questions that follow as NA.*
Origins Learning Community is a nonprofit organization that relies on pictures, evaluations and testimonials from the people we serve to apply for community grants. Do you give Origins Learning Community permission to use pictures and video testimonials on its social media sites and for funding purposes as a nonprofit organization?*
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Do you have health insurance coverage?*
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What is your employment status?*
On average, how many hours do you work per week, if at all?*
What type of residence do you live in?*
I have read and understand the requirements needed to complete the course to obtain my 120 clock hour training and homework assignments needed toward my CDA Credential. I agree to partake in the mentoring portion of the program, participating in classroom coaching with and accepting guidance from my personal mentor. I understand completing the CDA Program does not guarantee I will earn my CDA Credential or pass the CDA exam and verification visit. Passing the CDA exam and verification visit is my own responsibility. I accept any liability from any falsification of the information or documentation provided to Origins Learning Community.
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Due to the cost of the CDA textbook packages and the amount of training hours required by the CDA Council, our CDA Program is the most expensive program we offer. With your generous donation, a teacher can earn her/ his CDA; certifying her/ him as an Early Childhood professional ready to take their first step towards earning a college degree. Better teachers, brighter futures!