Origins Learning Community

Children's Workshops

We offer a series of workshops to help children develop important social and emotional skills using stories, songs, activities, and props to help the children express themselves. A few of the workshops we offer are:

  • What Do You Do with a Box?- Using Boxes and Our Imagination to  Have Fun and Relieve Our Stress (This workshop is available for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers.)
  • What Do You Do with a Problem?-  Based on the book by author Kobi Yamada (For preschoolers.)
  • Mindful Me- Children are encouraged to use their senses to slow down and see the world at a slower pace. This workshop includes a nature walk, food tasting, and mindfulness games for preschoolers
  • Art Heart-to-Heart- Pairs Painting and Group Art for Preschoolers
  • Cooking Our Family's Style- Multicultural Cooking Class for Preschoolers
  • Moving to Our Music- Multicultural Music Class for Toddlers or Preschoolers
  • It's a Great Big World!- Hands-On World Religion and Cultural Beliefs for Preschoolers
  • What Does My Face Say?- Helping Toddlers Recognize and Label Their Feelings Through Mirror Play  by Barbara Mather

Please donate to help us buy supplies for our children's workshops. Make a difference in a children's lives.