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The Community of Families Project

Origins Learning Community is launching a FREE pilot project for families of young children beginning October 2020. The Community of Families project will include:

  • Opportunities to sign up each month for a brief workshop via Zoom where you can connect with other families. See workshop details below.
  • Home visits with you and your child where we will focus on fun activities that will support your child’s developmental skills.
  • To enroll scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out an application to sign up for any of the workshops. We can't wait to meet you and your child!

Saturday Oct. 3rd


Family Health and Wellness: Children 0-18 months

In this workshop we will chat about infant nutrition, sleep and health habits. We will share information with you about infant brain development and how it is affecting all of these things. We will also share some tips on how to support healthy sleeping and eating during the youngest years. This is a great workshop for newly expecting parents too!

 Saturday Oct. 10th


Family Health and Wellness: Children 18 months- 3 years

In this workshop we will chat about toddler nutrition, sleep and health habits. We will share information with you about toddler brain development and how it is affecting all of these things. We will also share some tips on how to support your little one best during a time when picky eating and struggles with sleep are common. 

  Saturday, Oct. 17th


Family Health and Wellness: Children 3 to 6 years

In this workshop we will chat about preschool nutrition, sleep and health habits. We will share information with you about preschool brain development and how it is affecting all of these things. We will also share ideas for encouraging your child to stay safe and healthy, best ways for talking to your child about viruses and sickness, sleep struggles and picky eating.

  Saturday Nov. 7th

10:00- 11:00

Foundations for Life: Social- Emotional Learning for Your Infant

It is a scientific fact! Your baby learns best though love.  Learn about important  milestones in your baby's  brain development. Discover Learn how "serve and return" activities and  strong routines support social emotional development and set the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

  Saturday, Nov. 14th

10:00- 11:00

Foundations for Life: Social- Emotional Learning for Your Toddler

Toddlers are little people with big hearts and big feelings! They are just beginning to understand who they are as people and want to discover what they are capable of. Come learn some parenting strategies and fun activities you can do with your toddler to support his/her social-emotional development.

  Saturday, Nov. 21st


Foundations for Life: Social- Emotional Learning for Preschoolers

Ready to connect with others, be a part f a community, and feel accepted. Find out how you can help your preschool child learn to manage emotions, develop empathy, and connect with others. These are the skills that will carry your child through life!

  Saturday, Dec. 5th  9:00-10:00

Infant Guidance: Understanding Your Baby’s Behavior

An infant's behavior is motivated by a mix of  their biology, physical needs and relationship with  their caregivers. In other words, your baby needs you to help her/him cope with changes in themselves and their world as they grow.  Learn how you can guide your baby's behavior and bring comfort and joy to her/his life as they become more mobile, experience more intense emotions, and experience pain associated with teething.

  Saturday, Dec. 5th


Toddler Guidance: Encouraging Positive Behavior in Your Child

Does your toddler get fussy easily? Does he/she have selective hearing? Maybe tantrums or biting is a concern? What are the best ways to help a toddler learn to use the toilet? And why don't toddlers share? Come learn why all of this behavior is common for toddlers. Discover guidance practices to help your toddler cope with their strong emotions and grow into confident preschoolers.

  Saturday, Dec. 12th


Preschool Guidance: Encouraging Positive Behavior in Your Child

Arguing, complaining and whining. All things preschoolers try in order to feel heard. Impulsive kicking or hitting or other displays of aggression. Things preschoolers often do when they feel they have not been heard. Let's chat about ways to give your preschooler honest choices, set safe boundaries, and use problem solving skills instead of arguing. Let's help them find their voice.and grow up strong.

Parenting/ Grand-Parenting Workshops

The staff at Origins Learning Community are parents and grandparents  too. We understand how meaningful it can be at times and how stressful it can be. We want to offer our support beginning with educational workshops that speak to the heart of raising children. Parents and grand parents alike are welcome to join the workshops and become a part of our supportive community. 

Here are just a few of the workshops we offer:

  • Toilet Learning with Patience and Love
  • Taking Time for Yourself Series
  • I Love You No Matter What Series— Guidance with Unconditional Love
  • New Parenting Support Series— Helping new parents bond with their baby and keep them safe.

  • Lets Learn and Play Together- Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten the DAP Way

Please contact us for more information.

Home Visits and One-on-One Mentoring

We can visit you personally in your home, giving you the personalized support and resources you and your child need. Home Visit Mentoring Includes:

  • Family surveys and questionnaires where we collect information about your family's needs and how we can help you best
  • Referrals to local community resources for families
  • Reliable professional training and advice from one of our trainers
  • Family Learning Kits created by our team as a gift to you. Family Learning Kits focus on social-emotional skills but can also include other areas of learning based on your needs.

Community of Families Project Application Form

Thank you for signing up for this free pilot project. We look forward to supporting you and your family.

Please choose which Zoom workshops you would like to sign up for. You do not need a Zoom account to participate.*
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Origins Learning Community is an early childhood education organization that does not provide counseling or therapy services for mental health issues. Families needing mental health or counseling services will be offered referrals to qualified agencies in the Houston, Texas area. Trainers working on behalf of Origins Learning Community are fully qualified to offer research based guidance and resources to families to support children's social-emotional and behavioral development. Origins Learning Community is not responsible for the mental health of others or child guidance decisions made by families. Origins Learning Community welcomes and supports all families and does not discriminate against age, race, ethnicity, religion, politics, sex, sexual orientation, education or income.
All information shared is used for grant writing purposes. Data is recorded anonymously.
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